Dear Partners:

The quality of K-12 education is an important criterion for retention of the military family. The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) is charged with the critical responsibility and privilege of educating the children of our Nation's military. Recognizing that over 1.1M military-connected students attend public schools, leveraging partnerships with school districts is paramount in influencing successful educational outcomes for military-connected students.

Consequently, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2008 provided DoDEA the authority to share resources with public schools that educate military-connected students. One aspect of resources is the authority to administer a grant program that supports research-based strategies that enhance student achievement and ease the challenges that military children face due their parents military service.

Since then, DoDEA's Educational Partnership has provided 439 grants. These grant projects impact over 647,000 children from military families in over 2,900 public schools across the country. Data indicate that there is significant improvement in student achievement, increased professional development for teachers, enhanced social and emotional support.

Your expertise and dedication has made this possible! DoDEA thanks you; military families thank you. We look forward to sustaining this valuable partnership through grants and other outreach efforts.


Kathy Facon, Chief, Educational Partnership and Non-DoD School Program, DoDEA


documents papers


  • How do we Measure SEL?

    This guide helps educators identify better ways to assess and report on students’ social-emotional skills and character development within school report cards.

  • A Compendium of Education Technology Research

    Education technology supports teaching and learning for students at all grade levels and across various subjects. A new compendium is now available and provides information about current and completed education technology projects funded by IES's two research centers - the National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research.



  • New Guide Helps Districts Analyze and Better Use Student-Level Disciplinary Data

    This report is designed to help guide districts in analyzing their own student-level disciplinary data to answer important questions about the use of disciplinary actions. The guide can help administors determine whether disciplinary actions are disproportionately applied to some student subgroups and whether differences exist in student academic outcomes across the types of disciplinary actions that students receive.



Grantee Spotlight

  • SISD named District of Distinction

    Congrats to the Socorro Independent School District (SISD) being named District of Distintion by the District Administration magazine for math literacy. SISD's Math as a Second Language Academy is honored as leading the way with new ideas that work. Read more here:



  • New Policy Suppporting Military Connected Students

    NASBE explores how state boards of education can support military-connected students as they face unique social-emotional and academic challenges their peers do not. To serve these students, schools, districts, and states must be prepared to consistently and accurately identify and track K-12 students who migrate with extraordinary frequency across state and local databases. The update cites Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), now requiring states that receive federal funds under Title I to include information on the academic achievement of these students in  their state report cards.

  • US Dept of Ed allocates 3.6M for grants to recruit High School CTE Teachers    

    In response to State and Local shortages of high school Career and Technical Education teachers, US Dept. of Ed has allocated $3.6M to support CTE teachers recruitment and retention. Recipients and Sub Recipients of the Carl D Perkins CTE Act, reauthorized last month by the House of Ed committee, are eligible to apply. OCTAE expects to make 5-7 awards, Application Deadline is July 28, 2017!