Special Education Resources

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs now requires states to fully disclose the precise steps they will take to ensure better outcomes for students with disabilities. This new requirement can aid educators in implementing effective practices for providing deeper learning opportunities for these students. With the proper supports in place, such as research-based instruction that encourages supportive teaching practices, students with disabilities can meet the goals defined by advocates of deeper learning. These evidence-based instructional practices have the added bonus of benefiting all students, with and without disabilities.

The Virginia Department of Education has developed a new guide for military families with children in special education. The 16-page guide provides information and answers to questions that military families with school-aged children might have about special education programs in Virginia public schools. Topics include enrollment, special education services, parental consent in Virginia, Section 504, dispute resolution and procedural safeguards.

STOMP is a parent-directed program, exists to empower military parents, individuals with disabilities, and service providers with knowledge, skills, and resources so that they might access services to create a collaborative environment for family and professional partnerships without regard to geographic location.

Growing up in a military family has its advantages and adventures, but for kids with learning disabilities (LD) and others who need special education services, the road can be rocky. Whether your child is being evaluated for special education services or is already enrolled, you’ll want to understand how special education works in both civilian public schools and those governed by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), because you’re likely to experience both when you’re a military family

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