Dear Partners:

DoDEA’s vision is “Excellence in Education for Every Student, Every Day. Everywhere.” It is through our engagement with the school districts you represent that DoDEA is able to reach this vision. Our ability to influence educational outcomes is best leveraged through community partnerships with school districts and professional organizations. We are proud to be able to share resources with school districts that allow for the expansion of existing programs as well as fund innovative solutions to meet the academic, social and emotional needs not only to the military-connected students but to every student in their learning community. Since 2008, DoDEA has awarded over 400 grants, totaling over $480 million, serving over 2.1 million public school students, of which 600,000 are military-connected, in 37 states. Performance reporting data indicates there has been significant improvement in student achievement, increased professional development for teachers, and enhanced social and emotional support.

Our partnerships with public schools have proven to have great impact towards DoDEA’s collective promise in the pursuit of educational excellence for ALL military-connected students. A quality education is both a stabilizing influence in the lives of our children and their families and an overall element in the readiness, retention, and morale of our Force. Military readiness is a multi-faceted challenge, and the education of military-connected children plays a vital role. Your attendance at this meeting is indication of your commitment and dedication to providing quality learning experience for our military connected students and their counterparts. Together, we have embodied an unparalleled nationwide collaboration of support for the educational continuity of military connected students.

Thank you for your partnership with DoDEA and your continued work in reaching our shared goal of academic excellence for all students. We look forward to sustaining this valuable partnership through grants and other outreach efforts.


Kathleen Facon, Chief, Education Partnership and Resources Department of Defense Education Activity


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    State and local education officials are invited to take part in a two-week online training designed to help practitioners find and use research to inform educational decisions. The training is offered by the National Center for Research in Policy and Practices (an IES-funded research and development center) and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. 



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